Neopol Dry Foam
Neopol Dry Foam
Products Specifications
Size container Liter
Physical state Liquid
Colour Light Green
Fragrance None
Foaming action Very High
Acid content No
Biodegrable Yes
PH (10%Solution) 9.5 + 10.0
Flammabilty None
Specific gravity 1.00 ± .05

Why Dry Foam Cleaning is the Best Method for Car Interior and Carpets. There is a difference in cleaning methods!Due to the lack of deep cleaning.

Neopol Dry Foam cleaning is an interim method of carpet & car interior maintenance.

Neopol Dry Foam extraction cleans better and dries faster Carpets cleaned by the Dry foam.

Neopol Dry Foam extraction system are noticeably and beautifully brighter, softer, cleaner, drier - right after cleaning - and they stay that way longer.

No sloshy puddles or bad smells.

Neopol Dry Foam is a highly concentrated shampoo and renovator.

Neopol Dry Foam produces maximum foam with a minimum amount of product to reduce over-wetting of carpet & Car Interior.

Neopol Dry Foam Retards soiling because of special fibre coating properties incorporated in the formula.

Neopol Dry Foam Restores original colours to carpets by rejuvenating the dyes.

Note:- use , Neopol Dry Foam with foam generate machine or foam gun.

Also use as car interior with sponge.

Dose:- 200 ml in 800 ml water for foam gun 300 ml in 700 ml water for regular cleaning. (hand process)

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Neopol Dry Foam
Neopol Dry Foam