Britec Fabric Softner
Britec Fabric Softner
Products Specifications
Size container Liter
Physical state Viscous Liquid
Colour White
Fragrance Lily
Foaming action None
Acid content No
Biodegrable Yes
PH (10%Solution) 7.00 + 7.5
Flammabilty None
Specific gravity 1.05 ± .05

Many modern washing machines have a dispenser which can add liquid britech fabric softener to the load of laundry automatically on the final rinse; in launderettes it may need to be added manually. Some manufacturers claim their products make ironing easier and/or make clothes dry faster. Britech fabric softeners are designed to be added to water - either by adding the product directly to the final rinse water or by 2:1 (water:softener) dilution in an automatic dispenser. Even diluted fabric softener will cause spotting when poured directly onto clothes and can ruin them.

Britech Fabric Softeners work by coating the surface of the cloth fibers with a thin layer of chemicals; these chemicals have lubricant properties and are electrically conductive, thus making the fibers feel smoother and preventing buildup of static electricity.

As the Britech Softeners themselves are often of hydrophobic nature, they are commonly occurring in the form of an emulsion. In the early formulations, soaps were used as emulsifiers. The emulsions are usually opaque, milky fluids. However there are also microemulsions where the droplets of the hydrophobic phase are substantially

Advantages of our conditioners
  • We provide Britech Fabric softeners which are easily dissolved in water (soluble).
  • You can feel the wonderful softness by touching your fabrics.
  • Yellowness of fabrics vanishes from your clothing.
  • By our product you will get smooth, silky and soft fabrics.
  • These are user friendly and affordable to every person.

DOSE 20gm /1ltr water

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Britec Fabric Softner
Britec Fabric Softner