Britec Foam Powder
Britec Foam Powder
Products Specifications
Size container Kg
Physical state Powder
Colour White with colour granules
Fragrance Flower
Foaming action High
Acid content No
Biodegrable Yes
PH (10%Solution) 10.00 + 10.5
Flammabilty None
Specific gravity 1.05 ± .05

Britech Foam booster makes good foam even in hard water, in-spite of the presence of High Calcium & Magnesium Sulphates and carbonates in the water.

It generates exceptional foam at the 5°C temperature in combination with another Liquid detergent or powder. Boosts the foam instantly and holds it for longer time

Enhances detergent powder & liquid capacity to produce foam. Britech Foam booster is a high surfactant laundry detergent. Britech Foam Booster will safely remove greasy soils from fabrics by emulsifying soil and keeping it suspended to prevent redeposition.

Britech foam booster will remove even the heaviest soils when used in conjunction with.Britech Foam Booster is for use in healthcare, hospitality, food processing, heavy soils, barrier fabrics, table linens, uniforms.

  • Safe On All Fabrics
  • Powerful Emulsifier
  • Grease Fighting Formula
  • pH alkali booster liquid
  • Searches out heavier, ingrained soiling when used with our detergent Powders
  • Aids soil suspension for a bright finish on whites and colors
  • A non-caustic alkali booster for additional suspension and hardness salt removal. Use with Others detergent to boost heavy soil removal. Silicate blend gives excellent soil suspension and water conditioning.
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Britec Foam Powder
Britec Foam Powder